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How it All Started

Melodie Cunningham was born in Krocach, West Germany. In the early 1960's her family moved to Murray, Kentucky, bringing the family with them. In her early years Melodie was a pioneering star athelete in school. She graduated with honors from Murray High School in 1974.

Her first career was in public service. This career abruptly ended on September 10, 2002 when she was seriously injured in a automobile accident. After a long recovery she was forced to retire, no longer able to perform her duties as a public service representative.

In searching for a new career and a new interest Melodie turned to nature, camping, and the outdoors. She soon found new passion in photography.

The better part of this past new century has found Melodie photographing plants, animals, and other nature phenomena of the Land Between the Lakes and Western Kentucky. She's recieved numerous awards for her nature photographs and have been featured in several national publications and on television. Most recently she won First Place in the very popular Land Between the Lakes Photography Contest.

Melodie continues to shoot photographs every week and adds them to her awesome arsenal of images.

She invites you to visit her photo galleries online, and see the grandeur and beauty of the land she calls home.






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Mel Cunningham

Wildlife & Nature Photographer

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Murray, Kentucky


Melodie Cunningham is an accomplished and published photographer. She knows the Land Between the Lakes
and all the surrounding areas like the back of her hand. If you are planning any type of Photographic Excursion
to this area of Kentucky or Tennessee having her along will ensure a safe trip with great results, exceptional locations,
and ultimately, great photographs.


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